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Sprains and dislocation

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27 Apr

Sprains and dislocation

When you fall down, step on the wrong side or when you do a wrong movement,the pressure in some joints is increasing and temporary the range of motion is going out of the normal borders.

The distorsion is overstretching or microrupture of the ligaments or the joint capsule in which the bones are not displaced. More often is affecting the ankle joint, the wrist joint and the small joints of the hands and the feet. Typically with the distorsion there is strong pain, swelling with movements and physical activity. It could have a hematome as well.

The dislocation is full displacement of the bones, formed any kind of joint. There is rupture of the ligaments and the joint capsule and also some vessels could be affected. If he dislocation is very serious, some fractures could exist. More often affected joints are ankle joint and shoulder joint. Usually the reason for the dislocation is a sudden onset of trauma. The symptoms are sharp pain, swelling, deformity of the joint and lack of movement visual shortening or lengthening of the upper/lower limbs.The dislocation needs urgent reposition of the joint and XRay image.

The aim in the physiotherapy is after the immobility to restore the full function of the affected joint. The tasks here are : eliminating the pain and the swelling, increasing range of motion and improving the muscle strength. The time for physiotherapy depends on the level of the injury.


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